About Us

We are an all inclusive production company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We write, shoot, edit, and promote high quality videos for our clients.

Paul Thompson: Cinematographer/Editor
Paul is the man behind the camera. He has years of experience shooting local commercials, state informational videos, and personal passion projects. He is a professional at editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro 7, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe After Effects.
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Evan Rochford: Producer/Marketing Manager
Evan has years of experience in public relations and outreach programs. He has the ability to find his client's needs and fulfill their expectations. He has a passion for film that pairs well with making and sharing video content through all platforms. His goal is to exceed expectations in marketing for businesses both big and small.

Brett Wasserman: Audio Engineer/Boom operator
Brett is the talent that records pristine on-location audio. He is the guy holding the heavy boompole when recording dialogue. Brett mixes and records audio to provide a pure and professional sounding video. Brett works on movie sets when he has the time, and loves being a part of filming.

Austin Lundgren: Gaffer/Key Grip
Austin is in charge of transporting the equipment, and helping Paul move lights and change lenses while on set. His skills are versatile, and he helps fill in wherever we may need him.